Thursday, July 7, 2011

The list for Natty

Been installing Natty on Virtualbox, and this is a summarized order of what I've been doing:

  1. Base install, no third party or downloading updates, use liveCD to configure proxies for system & wget in /etc
  2. Install guest additions.
  3. Reboot, configure proxies in system and for wget in /etc, update/upgrade
  4. Enable proposed updates and backports, upgrade
  5. Add restricted extras, sun java (-w- fonts), gvim, remove openjdk (can't function without gvim)
  6. Install Dropbox
  7. Add repository for svn build of wireshark, install wireshark, tshark
  8. Add repository for gtk rgba, update/upgrade
  9. Add repository for Ubuntu Tweak, update/upgrade
  10. Add repository for Emerald, did update/upgrade (did not install emerald)
  11. Install compiz settings manager, compiz/fusion plugin extras
  12. Install gtk2-engines-nodoka gtk2-engines-aurora gtk2-engines-equinox
  13. installed Murrine7 theme
  14. Opened compiz settings, turned on blur windows.  Changed to Murrine7 theme.   Blurring worked.  Changed blurring to gausian.  Tailed .xsession-errors while doing this step.
  15. Installed Emerald, used emerald --replace to use it.
  16. Installed Fusion Icon & plugins, Win2-7 icon theme.  So far so good.