Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things to do after installing ubuntu

To make Ubuntu more useful, here's what I've been doing after installing:

  1. run updates
  2. enable additional drivers
  3. set resolution
  4. Enable universe, restricted, multiverse under "Ubuntu software"
  5. run update manager
  6. Enable Canonical Partners under software
  7. install ubuntu restricted extras
  8. enable pre-released and unsupported updates
  9. enable download all updates in the background
  10. run update manager
  11. install greasemonkey and adblock with software manager
  12. install checkinstall, gvim, epiphany, chromium, gnumeric, dia, inkscape, gimp, pdfedit, xournal,decrypt file, gpa, openshot, gns3, wireshark, tshark,murrine themes, community themes, preload
  13. added ppa for nvidia drivers (details here) and install
  14. added ppa for webkit/epiphany (here)
  15. added ppa for wireshark/tshark/dia (here) (these do daily updates :-)
  16. installed rgba ppa (here) but don't enable it yet
  17. installed dropbox
  18. added elementary desktop ppa (here)
  19. installed elementary icons, theme, artwork, gnome artwork, colors (used synaptic - the ubuntu software center doesn't handle theme/artwork well)
  20. Installed localepurge, bleachbit, gnome activity journal
  21. went here to fix elementary dark panels and firefox elementary theme
  22. installed compiz fusion from here
  23. added gns3 ppa from here
  24. added wine ppa from here and installed wine 1.3
  25. added ubuntu tweak ppa from here (page at here)
  26. added ppa for gnomenu from here

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