Tuesday, May 31, 2011

YAWAS - Yet another web annotation system


I don't know why it's called "yet another" - its really the only one.  The next best one is wiredmarker, which is great, but uses a local database, so you need to put its database on dropbox for the annotations to be portable.  If like myself you surf from more than one computer, then yawas is nice not only because it uses google bookmarks so its portable but works for firefox and chrome.  The nice thing about using google bookmarks over, say diigo, is that getting a google account is less obtrusive than diigo or the other portable web annotation sytems (diigo, shiftspace, sidewiki, webnotes, stickis) and yawas also doesn't need you to install a fricking toolbar, and doesn't pop crap up in your viewing space either (I'm looking at you shiftspace you topheavy ankle chain.)  I hate toolbars.

However, I like yawas - just install it and go.  All you need is a google account, and that's it.  Google accounts, although I don't feel very comfortable with them, are better than the other account alternatives because google doesn't try to shove social bookmarking down your throat 24/7 like the others do.  There's a wikipedia entry on web annotations, but doesn't have the two best ones, yawas and wiredmarker.

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